Since the end of 2015 has accompanied more than 15,000 sessions in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco, New Caledonia and French Guyana. The users of these technologies are aged from 5 to 93 years old, men and women of very varied cultural origins. The evaluations were carried out by the experimenters themselves in the short, medium and long term, on 30 specific criteria from which Marc Auburn drew the analysis and the synthesis.


What is an Hypnagogic / Psychedelic Lamp ?

A hypnagogic light – also often referred to as a psychedelic lamp – is neurostimulation technology using white light at specific frequencies that resonate with natural brain rhythms. These lamps managed various programs comparable to pieces of music which make it possible to control the neuronal activity of their user. Many well-being practitioners today use these technologies for their anti-stress and beneficial effects.

What lamps are available on the market?

There are 4 qualitative hypnagogic lamps on the market:

  • Lucia N ° 03 Practitioner : the benchmark model for the lumino-stimulation market. Created in Austria, it uses very high quality electronic components. It is often the favorite lamp of light therapy professionals.
  • Lucia home portal : the little sister of the Lucia N3: it is portable and uses a large part of the technologies of its big sister. Less expensive, it is suitable for all types of use.
  • PandoraStar : the cheapest on the market. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that make her the darling of buyers of hypnagogic lamps.
  • roXiva Rx1 : The most recent. It is at the forefront of technological advances in the hypnagogic lamp market.<

In addition there are several types of light therapy glassesincluding Psio .

how to decide between all these technologies? Our opinion

The best way to decide which lamp will suit you the best is to try them all, depending on the type of use you want to make of it and depending on your personal profile your choice will naturally fall towards the hypnagogic lamp that will suit you best. Since 2016, has offered people wishing to acquire a lamp to try them out so that everyone can make their own choice.

Marc Auburn has been offering sessions with Lucia N°03, PandoraStar and recently roXiva RX1 lamps since 2016. Go to this page to find out more about courses and meeting reservations throughout France.

Price of Hypnagogic lights

You will understand that buying a hypnagogic lamp has a cost. Since its creation in 2016, has become the most important distributor of hypnagogic lamps. We market these technologies with full knowledge of the facts and we offer fast, free shipping and after-sales service with many years of experience in selling hypnagogic lamps.