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Lucia N°3 Practioner –  hypnagogic light

Lucia light N°03 – hypnagogic lamp for professional

24 900,00

Photo-neurological stimulation technology for practitioners and therapists

The central halogen produces a broad spectrum light that evokes the sun and opens the energy system, putting the lucionaut (user of the Lucia N ° 03 lamp) in deep relaxation and inviting him to an inner journey.

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Lucia N ° 03 – the light for demanding professionals and amateurs

Used by hypnotherapists, sophrologists, psychologists and psychiatrists, energy specialists, and all forms of alternative and conventional medicine Lucia N ° 03 opens up new perspectives in daily practice.

For example in hypnotherapy, the induction phase can be completely replaced by 5 or 10 minutes of Lucia N ° 03 light.

Lucia N ° 03 reinforces the action of methods and technologies already used by the practitioner and also opens up new perspectives in pure therapy.

Neurostimulation will increase neuronal output by boosting already active neurons but also by waking dormant neurons. The ‘ updating ‘ effect on the brain produces visible effects on the behavior and mood of the patient.

What justifies its price

Currently the most advanced neurostimulation (and light therapy) technology Lucia N ° 03 is produced in very small series in Austria, with very high quality parts and electronic components.

The first technological leap of the 21st century in terms of lumino-stimulation, Lucia n ° 03 remains a model for all the similar technologies that have succeeded it. Technically unrivaled, it is produced in Austria in very limited series.

Depreciation is generally accomplished in the first year.

Course of a Lucia N ° 03 session

For the practitioner , it is first of all a question of providing a concise explanation to his interlocutor. Lucia N ° 03 is a neurostimulator that sends white light, which the patient receives with his eyes closed. Emphasis is placed on the following points:

  1. the whole session takes place in a feeling of comfort and ease.
  2. At any time, the patient can end the session or, alternatively, manage the effects by moving away from the light source or by filtering with the fingers open in front of the eyes.
  3. People who are prone to epilepsy syndromes or who have a history of intolerance to light should not use Lucia N ° 03.
  4. As a precaution, all people with serious illnesses or taking heavy drug treatment, pregnant women and very young children should not use Lucia N ° 03 without the prior consent of a doctor.

TEST session: to be used systematically for the first time for each person. During the following sessions the TEST session is no longer useful.
The test lasts about 5 minutes and allows the neural system to gradually get used to the photonic stimulation; the practitioner is present and adjusts the intensity of Lucia N ° 03 according to the feedback from his patient.

Following this test, a quick debriefing allows the practitioner to assess the neuronal response of the person tested.

The session itselflasts around 30 minutes during which the diffusion of relaxing music will increase the depth of the experience.

After the session , if the patient expresses the desire, he can tell the practitioner about his feelings and all the events that have occurred during his experience.

The practitioner informs his interlocutor that significant effects may occur in the next few hours, or even the next few days after the session and in this case, he must make himself available for listening after the day of the session.

Different scientific experiments have shown that light is a vector of communication between cells of the same body, but also between different species of plants, for example. Bio-photonics is a field of science that studies these phenomena

The broad-spectrum central halogen combined with the LEDs produce a complex light quite comparable to a musical score. This light enters the body with the eyelids closed, the optic nerve carries this information to the center of the brain (where the pineal gland is, for example) and thus spreads throughout the body in the form of neural information.

The Lucia N ° 03 lamp thus activates the entire energy and cellular system by releasing blockages and the emotions and traumas which are linked to them and also by unblocking all forms of stagnant energies. This is why the Lucia N ° 03 lamp is very effective for energy specialists and practitioners of alternative medicine and 'intuitive' activities.