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Lucia N°3 Home portal –  hypnagogic light

Lucia Light N°03 Home Portal

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New experience of meditative light therapy. Smaller, portable & designed for individuals.

The Lucia n ° 03 Home portal lamp is the little sister of the Lucia light N°03 Practitioner and was launched in 2019.

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Benefits of Lucia N ° 03 Home portal

The most symptomatic effect is stress reduction. With attention focused elsewhere during the session, the person temporarily broke away from their common preoccupations, as would have been the case in the face of a captivating performance or concert.

This stress reduction persists:

  • A few hours in 50% of cases
  • A few days in 30% of cases
  • A few weeks in 15% of cases
  • In about 5% of cases, there is a plateau effect, the stress level seems to have been permanently lowered. This percentage increases with the cumulative number of sessions.

In regular proportions, the experimenters report the following subjective effects:

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased lucidity and the ability to make decisions
  • Greater ease in creating and maintaining social ties with their professional and personal surroundings.
  • Artistic or conceptual creativity.

Other categories of more “exotic” effects appear regularly, such as immediate and spontaneous disappearance of long-established addictions ; and many other things.

Other specifics of Lucia Home Portal

The carbon fiber foot is very compact and very light. Thanks to the pillow included with the lamp, lying down is comfortable. Choose relaxing music and a pleasant place, lie back and let yourself glide into the light. You will appreciate the reinforced case for easy transport and storage.

Up to 50 Lucia Home Portal lamps can be assembled and synchronized together or with a Lucia N ° 03 to practice for group sessions.

Progress of a session

The session takes place with eyes closed, facing the mainly white light source.

The general diagram of the feeling presents the aspect of a Gaussian curve.

The most frequent experience is the appearance of colored shapes and lights, with the whole palette of nuances although the light of technology is white. In more than 90% of cases this phenomenon sets in a few seconds after starting a program.

To the left of the curve, the sensations are very weak or zero. 3-5% of people who test for the first time fall into this category.

Symmetrically, to the right of the Gaussian curve, the intensity and the variety of the experience are quickly very strong. 3% of people who experience it for the first time say they have experienced the most spectacular moment of their entire life.

If we make the synthesis of the evaluations given by the first-time experimenters themselves, more than 80% judge the moment spent in front of the technology as extraordinary, surprising, original, unexpected, while being soft and not rationally understandable.

- LCD screen incorporated into the lamp (with 'program search' function)
- Real-time control lever acting on the frequencies and allowing the effects to be controlled according to the user's feeling. Lucia n ° 3 Home Portal IS THE ONLY TECHNOLOGY TO OFFER this possibility, which in use turns out to be very handy.
- all the equipment is integrated in a case
- Carbon fiber foot, very light as a lamp holder
- The lamp is made of high quality stainless steel
- Lucia N ° 03 Home Portal uses a USB port to download new programs and for any software updates
- Over 120 programs with varying intensities
- 4-digit security code for maximum protection
- Specialized pillow integrated into the case
- Very high quality materials
- All Lucia N ° 03 products are manufactured and assembled in Austria, respecting fair trade.