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RoXiva Rx1 light: The newest Hypnagogic light

The roXiva RX1 light was launched in April 2021. Equipped with 16 LEDs and more than 50 programs, this lamp offers about half of them with an associated soundtrack, directly accessible by plugging an audio headset into the RoXiva lamp. If you want to know more about its benefits and where to try it, we explain everything in this article.


Who are the buyers of roXiva RX1?

Mainly health and wellness professionals (2/3), but also individuals (1/3) who use it with their family and friends. Roxiva is an easy-to-carry hypnagogic lamp for on-the-go use.

What are the characteristics of roXiva RX1 ?

  • A clean design
  • Easy installation : just plug in the lamp to operate
  • WIFI connection : to synchronize roXiva RX1 with the manufacturer’s updates
  • 16GB of internal storage : to create your own programs and store your music
  • Very high quality LED system
  • External ports : the external port system allows you to connect Ethernet, your audio & USB equipment.
  • Audio connection : the lamp is equipped with a JACK socket
  • Tripod supplied with the roXiva RX1 lamp
  • Program configurator : to create the sessions that suit you.

What are the benefits of roXiva RX1 light ?

As with the PandoraStar, Lucia N ° 03 Practitioner and Home Portal lamps, the RoXiva hypnagogic lamp very frequently induces a reduction in stress.
The other most common benefits:

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased lucidity and the ability to make decisions
  • Greater ease in creating and maintaining social ties with their professional and personal surroundings.
  • Artistic or conceptual creativity.

In addition, we sometimes observe as a sort of “update” neural system leading to disappearance of symptoms permanently: small pains, addictions. These effects CANNOT be induced automatically by one program or another, they are the result of factors that are probably complex and not currently identified; consequently it is fallacious to make a promise of “therapeutic”, “quantum” or not.

The LuciaLight team advises anyone wishing to acquire a hypnagogic lamp to test themselves at least the one they have chosen and to take maximum advice from our customer service.

Important information

In addition to Lucia and PandoraStar from 2016, since April 2021 Marc AUBURN is also an international distributor of Roxiva.

We have supported more than 15,000 disposals since the end of 2015, which remains unique in Europe and have made it possible to know the REAL effects. We do NOT subscribe to the disparate and fallacious claims of "quantum therapy", "DNA modification" or "astral travel" by these technologies. These allegations, which are too often found on the internet, if they do not come from a deliberate intention to deceive, are the result of deep ignorance of their authors. DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU CAN'T VERIFY YOURSELF.

We suggest that you get closer to us to receive the most rational and objective information and advice possible.

NB: Marc Auburn does NOT dispense ANY FORM of THERAPY, nor of SPIRITUAL TEACHING, or RITUAL. He is a pragmatic explorer who shares his experiences in front of a deliberately limited audience to whom he offers no beliefs. In this area, he recommends autonomy, independence of mind and pragmatism. In addition, he regularly urges his readers not to use ANY DRUGS for any reason.


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