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Pandora Star : a photo-neurological stimulation technology

Pandora Star light works through a complex symphony of white light, which must be observed with CLOSED EYELIDS. Although the “recreational” side is an undeniable effect, it is far from being the only positive result. These technologies have been designed on the principle of neuronal stimulation: increase the plasticity and fluidity of brain circuits, allow the expression of latent natural faculties.


Who are the purchasers of PandoraStar?

Mainly health and wellness professionals, but also many individuals who use it with their family and friends.

What are the effects of PandoraStar?
As with the Lucia N ° 03 Practitioner and Home Porta lamps, stress reduction is the most noticeable and recurring effect among users of the PandoraStar lamp.

The other effects are as follows:

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased lucidity and the ability to make decisions
  • Greater ease in creating and maintaining social ties with their professional and personal surroundings.
  • Artistic or conceptual creativity.

We often observe effects of ‘updating’ neural system leading to disappearance of symptoms sometimes definitively: minor pains, addictions …

Important information

Since the beginning of 2017 is an international distributors of PandoraStar light.
WARNING : There are currently (in 2021) in France pseudo-resale sites of PandoraStar not accredited by the manufacturer. VAJRA PRODUCTIONS (Marc AUBURN) is an accredited company (Lucia - Roxiva - PandoraStar) with a VAT number: FR28 801 584 111 and an importer number FR80158411100034 within the European economic community.


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