What are the dangers and contraindications for Lucia light N°03 & PandoraStar ?

BASIC PRINCIPLE: The experience should be pleasant and comfortable at all times. In case of discomfort, we can end a session or open the eyes and / or move away from the source of white light, or by placing the hand in front of the eyes.
You should never force yourself to continue if there is any element that proves painful, and you can do it instantly, unlike a ride on the roller coaster. This is why the first experience begins with a fairly short test, accompanied by an attentive operator with whom we can communicate at any time, by signs or orally.
1 °) 0.1%
In any case, people with sensitivity to epilepsy MUST NOT ATTEMPT this experience. Statistically, about one in a thousand people have this sensitivity, which sometimes does not manifest itself openly for decades.
2 °) 1%
Should not use these technologies either people with serious psychiatric conditions, those who use powerful psychotropic drugs whether legal or not, people who are in a state of cumulative fatigue in particular if they compensate for it with substances like coffee, people who experience strong jet lag and who are, sometimes unknowingly, in a state of profound circadian disorder.
4 °) 1.5%
As a precaution, pregnant women, people who have suffered traumatic brain injury or heart attack, or stroke, and generally those who are not in standard health should avoid this experience.
3 °) 2%
Without being epileptic, approximately one person in 50 has a particular sensitivity to light. In this case, we must either avoid these technologies, or use them with caution with a level of intensity at least two times lower than what is currently comfortable for the rest of the population. The intensity is adjustable on the technology itself, plus you can move away from the light source as much as necessary to find your own optimal area.
For more than 95% of people from an average population, the experience is positive and pleasant from the first seconds, this with the nominal setting of technologies.